Homeschool Week 1

Our first week of Homeschool has been a huge success! I’m so glad I decided to take this path.

Day one was a little bit crazy, which is normal for any school day. It started off with me burning the bacon. Thankfully I had more bacon.




We started our school day and halfway through a really scary thunderstorm blew through. As it seemed to move on away from us, the wind started blowing in the opposite direction and brought hail along with it. It was only pea-sized, but it was still quite exciting since we don’t get hail in our area very often.




The Museum of Natural History held a Homeschool Open House on Wednesday. They are offering Science classes for different age groups throughout the school year. My daughter found a few classes that caught her interest, which is great. Her dream is to become a Zoologist and there are plenty of animal classes on the list.

After the Open House we were able to visit the museum for free. We’ve been there several times so we took a quick walk-through and make our way to McDonald’s for some double cheeseburgers and fries.


Last week we were able to visit our local animal shelter and spend an hour volunteering in the kitten room. We try to go there every summer and sit and play with the kittens. They are all so adorable. I wish I had room for them all! This is my daughter’s favorite thing to do every summer. I have a feeling we’ll be spending more time there this year.



I hope you have a very blessed week! Thank you for reading!


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Hurricane Candle Holder DIY

Another craft made from my Dollar Tree haul! I made this cute little hurricane candle holder for my TV stand. I took everything off of it and it looks so bare! I have been looking for things to decorate the stand with, but nothing is calling out to me. I love hurricane lamps and primitive candles so I decided to make my own.




I used a candle holder and vase that I bought at… well, you know where! I spray painted the candle holder white. After it dried, I used Epoxy 6000 to glue them together.

While that was drying I worked on making the candle. I used battery operated taper candles and grunged them up with cinnamon, instant coffee, and Mod Podge. (The instant coffee and ground cinnamon also came from Dollar Tree.)




To make the grunginess (is that a word?) you cover the candle in Mod Podge, then roll it around in a mixture of coffee and cinnamon. There are different ways to do this out there on Pinterest, but this is easiest for me. Plus the cinnamon makes it smell good!




You let that dry and then add another layer and let it dry. Keep adding until it looks like you want it to and then finish up with a layer of Mod Podge to seal it. I only did two coats and I was happy with the way they came out.




Beware: it gets messy!!

I glued some twine around the top of the candle holder and added a tiny sunflower. I put the finished candle inside and added some moss to the bottom.

I love the way it turned out!!




Have a blessed day!!









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Dollar Tree Wreathes

Remember my Dollar Tree haul? And all the goodies I got? Well, here is one craft done from that shopping trip. I found some cute little wreathes and decided I would put them inside my tobacco baskets I got from Tuesday Morning. They were so cheap there! I was so excited to find them since they are normally expensive.


I couldn’t find my usual “work blanket,” so I had to use an old Spongebob sheet. So fancy, right? As soon as I started laying my materials down here come the animals to be nosy. And yes, Cracker Jacks are a must in any DIY project!




I didn’t really take any pictures of putting the wreathes together because I kept getting so frustrated. I made one and loved it, but the second one I just could not get right. I must have remade it 10 times before I finally settled. I’m still not completely happy with it.







I can change them out with the seasons, too, so that makes me happy. What do you think?


Have a blessed day!







Back to School!

I have mixed feelings today as many in my county start school today. (Yes already!) We have chosen to start homeschooling our daughter this year. She will be in sixth grade and while I look at the many pictures of her friends being shared all over Facebook, I’m not sure how I feel about it. She, of course, is completely fine with the idea.

I remember starting middle school and all three years of it. It was the worst time of my life. My brother’s life, too. And my sister’s. And my friends’. You’re at that weird age, that “tween” age, where you are too young to do certain things and too old for certain things. There’s really nothing in the middle for kids of that age around here. There was so much homework in middle school I rarely got any sleep. So many tests. Now there even more tests to worry about with the SOL testing and everything else that’s out there. I’m glad she will be missing out on all the stress. And I’m happy to be missing out on all that paper work!

I’m thankful my daughter will not have to go through middle school witnessing the acts of bullies. Or falling into the trap of accidentally becoming one herself because she is quite a follower-er and wants to impress others.

I’m thankful my daughter will not have to witness the immaturity and hatefulness of a few teachers that are just after a paycheck.

I’m thankful my daughter will not have to suffer through the first week’s anxiety of finding her locker, getting lost while rushing to a class, and not being able to see her friends since the entire county goes to the same school. (There’s about 60,000 people in our county alone and only one middle school and only one high school.)

I’m thankful that my daughter will be able to learn at her own pace. She will be able to learn necessary life skills, such as cooking and sewing and budgeting and grocery shopping and writing in cursive so she will be able to actually sign her name appropriately. (No, they do not teach cursive in our schools any more.)

I guess the thing that gives me the mixed feelings is her having the actual overall experience that I had in school. The friends. The laughing at lunch time. The bus ride home. I am kind of sad I do not have first-day-of-school pictures. Crazy, I know! The things that make me sad these days…

But as far as all those small things in between – I’m thankful I get to be my child’s teacher. I’m thankful I get to teach her the real things – not just the things she’ll need in case she’s ever on Jeopardy.

For all those who have judged my choice, shame on you. I have had a few people make me feel like I am not going to be able to do this. Family, mostly. Friends have been very positive and applaud my decision. It’s hurtful every time someone says anything negative about this.

Some things I’ve heard so far:

“You know how she (my daughter) can be sometimes. What if she doesn’t want to have school one day?”
I’m pretty sure I can handle it. If she’s having a hard day, we can start school outside at the park or hiking on a trail. Bird watching. Leaf hunting. School shouldn’t be just sitting at a desk all day reading a book.

“Home school kids get depressed faster.” (This coming from her pediatrician.)
How is this possible? They get to go outside more. More field trips. Park play dates. No stressful testing every week. Please show me the proof of this.

There’s so much more, but you get the point. People question what they don’t understand and that’s fine with me. What is not fine with me is when they continue to put me down and judge me simply because I want my child to have a good education and be safe while doing it.

What are your thoughts? Are you a homeschool mom? What did people say when you first started?

Have a blessed day!!






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Dollar Tree Haul

Hey there! I haven’t felt like writing in a while. It’s been pouring rain for two weeks and has just been yucky. I love a rainy day, but two weeks of rainy days is just too much for me.

The sun came out Saturday and I decided to take advantage of it. (Dollar Tree shopping is how I take advantage of sunshine.)

I was so excited to see Fall stuff coming out already. I cannot wait for Fall!! I love everything about it. The colors, the cooler evenings, the smells, the hay rides, the pumpkin patches… everything!! Except the bees. I don’t like the bees. I have always wanted to go to an apple orchard so I can pick my own apples and make my own apple butter, but those bees! Ugh!

Anyway… here’s what I got at Dollar Tree.



I have so many fun crafts in mind to make with these!! I’m so excited. I may just start decorating now. After all, my daughter wanted to put the Christmas tree up last month.

Do you love Fall or hate it? What’s your favorite and/or least favorite thing about Fall? Do you decorate?

Have a blessed day!!






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DIY Farmhouse Window

Good morning! It’s so nice out today. And the weather is going to be perfect for being outside. I plan to take full advantage of this beautiful weather by being indoors grocery shopping. Ugh… After that, though, I hope to take my daughter to the park and just be outside for a little while.

I came across a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago that had instructions on how to make your own farmhouse type window using only supplies from Dollar Tree. I loved that window so I ran out to Dollar Tree (okay, I actually drove there) and grabbed everything I needed to make my own. I changed it up a bit from hers, but I still love it! She shows you in the video exactly how to do it. Not only is it cheap, it’s easy, too!

To make the window, you will need 6 Dollar Tree picture frames and this little fence piece.



I spray painted them with a grey spray paint.




After the frames were dry I glued them all together.




While the glue was drying I worked on making the wreath I wanted to hang on the window. For the wreath I used the Styrofoam hoop and reindeer moss from Dollar Tree. I had to cheat and use a wooden “family” sign from Walmart because of course the local Dollar Tree never has everything I need! Grrr…..




I superglued the moss to the wreath all the way around so none would be showing. I figured out rather quickly that I needed gloves for this because I ended up burning myself pretty badly. Also, this is super messy!!




I glued the sign on and… all done!!




Finally I glued the fence piece to the top and hung my “window” up over my couch.




Now I just need to get to work on a shelf to go under the window and some candle holders!




July 4th

Another holiday for us Americans has come and gone. I cannot believe we are already half-way through 2018! Where does the time go?

We spent the last two days celebrating America’s birthday. Tuesday night our local high school had a 4th of July event which included concerts, vendors, food, games, and raffles. It’s usually way too crowded so we park down the street along with many others and watch the fireworks after dark.



In the middle of the show there was a random police car flying by. Nothing like fireworks and police chases!




My daughter’s best friend came along with us both days. They have so much fun when they’re together. It makes me miss being young and acting crazy with my friends. However, imagine if we as adults acted like that. So carefree, not caring who sees us acting silly. Just enjoying life instead of complaining and spending too much time worried about what everyone else is doing.



Wednesday night we all hopped in the car and headed to the city. Every year we go to a community college and park up in the highest parking lot where we can see fireworks all around us. It’s beautiful up there! There’s a beautiful view of the mountains and a huge field where all the kids can run and play. While the fireworks were going off in the city, God had His own show off to the side over the mountains. There were flashes of orange lightning lighting up to our right which made it even more amazing.



Before the fireworks show we had dinner and the girls had the most amazing bowls of ice cream!



Of course, I couldn’t pass a holiday by without baking a cake!





How did you spend your 4th of July? I hope it was great!









Santa Claus Melon

This weekend I did my dreaded weekly grocery shopping. Going to the grocery store is bad enough, but when it feels like it’s 2.7 million degrees outside it makes it even worse! And today is even hotter! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the upper 90’s with the “feels like” temps getting up to 105. I have this image of stepping outside and my skin completely melting off. I don’t like this heat one bit.

That’s so not the point of this post.

While in the produce section at the grocery store I came across some strange looking melons. Upon further inspection I saw that they were called Santa Claus Melons. I had to get one because my daughter is obsessed with all things Christmas. I brought it home and cut it open before I did any research because let’s face it… I’m too curious to wait!



According to Wikipedia, the Santa Claus melon:

“has a blotched green peel after which it is named in Spanish (piel de sapo translates as “toad skin”). A closely related melon with the same shape, but with yellow peel is known as ‘Amarillo’ or canary melon. The attractive green and gold-to-bright yellow-striped Santa Claus melon somewhat resembles a small watermelon. Inside is a mellow and mildly flavoured, pale-greenish flesh very similar to that of a honeydew. The ripest Santa Claus melon will have soft blossom ends that yield to gentle pressure and a vibrant yellow hue. Because of its thick skin, this melon does not release a tell-tale aroma when ripe.

This melon was named in English as recognition of its long keeping qualities,[2] i.e., “until Christmas”.”

The skin of the melon was definitely tough, but not so tough that I couldn’t cut into it. After cutting into it and seeing that it kind of resembled a honey dew, I expected a slight scent, but there was nothing. Nada. No smell what-so-ever! I was kind of disappointed because I figured that meant it was going to taste bitter. However, it wasn’t bitter at all. It’s actually kind of sweet. To me, the outside closest to the skin tasted like honey dew and the inside, closest to the seeds, tasted slightly like cantaloupe.




Have you tried this type of melon before? If so, what did you think? What is the weirdest melon you have ever eaten?











Free Books

I love to read and there’s nothing better than getting free books! I recently found out about Tyndale House’s reward program. Through this program you can do different things to  earn points that you can use toward free books! For example, signing up for the newsletter gets you 20 points. You can share your birthday for 15 points. You can take a short survey for 45 points! There’s a lot more you can do to earn points as well. Yes, it’s that easy to rack up some points.

I used my points a couple of weeks ago and received my first free book – Kill Devil by Mike Dellosso. I have read a few of his books, but not this one so I’m excited to start reading it.



It is book 2 in a Jed Patrick series, book 1 is Centalia. I need to grab this from the library because of course I haven’t read that one either! Have you read anything by this author? If so, which books have you read? I love adding more books to my to-read list!

Click here to get 25 bonus points to go towards your own free books! 







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Piggy Love

I love pigs! I have since I was a little girl. I have no idea why, I just think they are so cute! A few years after my husband and I got married we adopted a pot bellied pig and named her Annabelle. She was the cutest thing. I just loved her so much. Unfortunately she got sick and passed away.

A few years after Annabelle’s passing we signed up to be on the waiting list for a pot bellied pig that the local zoo was adopting out. I figured we’d never get him because the list was long. However, in just a few days the zoo called us to see if we would like to adopt George. He was adopted by a couple who lived in an apartment and they could no longer keep him. Of course we took him in! The zoo said they called us first because of our past experience with a pot bellied pig. So off to the zoo we went and brought George home with us. He fit right in with our family and our cat Sam adored him. George would make his little bed and Same would climb up on his back and they would both go right to sleep.

George already had his name and the zoo told us we could change it if we wanted, but it fit him. It was a little odd at times because while we were potty training him (he was an indoor pet) we would walk around the yard with him gently reminding him, “George go potty.” Our neighbor’s name just happens to be George, too, so I’m sure he wondered why we were walking around our yard telling him to use the bathroom!

So of course my love for pigs is still strong. I just can’t help myself!








What about you? Do you have a favorite animal that you have loved since a child?








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