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What I Got to do for My Birthday and a Farmhouse Sign

Happy Hump Day! Friday is almost here! Although I’m not too happy about Friday, because I have my annual doctor’s appointment. However, after my appointment I plan to visit the Kupkakery, which is a family owned bakery with the most delicious cupcakes! I’ve been craving one of those cupcakes! (You can see all the different flavors here: Kupkake Flavors.)

Most of you know that my birthday was Tuesday. I woke up to tons of messages from my friends on Facebook. That’s the only day of the year most of those people attempt to talk to me. Every other day is just a day. I hardly spend any time on Facebook any more because it’s so annoying. However, it’s the only way I have to keep up with family.

Let me show you all the great things I got to do for my birthday!!

I got to go grocery shopping in 13 degree weather at 7 a.m.

I got to do laundry.

I got to cut up all the meats and vegetables for a month as well as put the dinner in the crock pot.

I got to clean up cat vomit.

I got to wash all the dishes.

I finally got to eat dinner – London Broil, mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, tomato slices, and cantaloupe chunks.

My birthday was just the funnest!

I did manage to get in a craft, though. I made a farmhouse sign for my kitchen using all Dollar Tree items. (Of course!!)

I used an 11×14″ picture frame and a cute plastic table mat. I simply took the frame apart, laid the glass onto the table mat and traced it, then cut around the line. I put the table mat in the frame and put it all back together. I love it! It reminds me of a high end farmhouse sign! The best part is that the whole thing cost me $2!

11×14″ picture frame from Dollar Tree.
Lay the glass from the frame onto the table mat and trace around it, then cut on the line.
Put everything back into the frame.
Cheap and simple Dollar Tree farmhouse sign!

75 thoughts on “What I Got to do for My Birthday and a Farmhouse Sign”

  1. Hahaha! Sounds like my birthday. And yes to those β€œfriends”. I haven’t heard from most of them in months and years but they wish me a happy birthday and sometimes they don’t even do that. I had to go back off Facebook. Way too depressing to realize they all have time to post what they do all day but not to call or talk to me. But, hey, glad to know they ate a donut …. argh!

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    1. Haha!! I completely agree. I ran into a girl I knew in highschool not too long ago and all she did was talk about people our age taking selfies and how immature it was. Yet her page is full of selfies!! Annoying…

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  2. Belated Happy Birthday to you. Love the farmhouse sign project! As for Facebook, I feel you on that one. Finally deleted mine for good several months ago and haven’t regretted it. Enjoy your blog and very glad to have found it. Hope you have a wonderful week.

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  3. This is the funniest!! Birthdays as adults just aren’t that much fun cause life has to go on, doesn’t it? I miss the days of childhood birthday parties, sending out invitations & getting all the presents! πŸ˜†

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  4. Michelle, Happy belated Birthday! I know the neverending list we have on our birthdays and this is what happened to the most responsible women. We just can’t think outside of responsibilities. I love the Farmhouse DIY you created. You are so smart and creative.

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  5. Aw…you really made me laugh this morning. I hope your birthday was good…happy birthday a little late. I loved the photos of what you did through the day. It could be most of my days. I even clean up cat hairballs at times….funny. Great post. It’s always good to smile and you made me smile and laugh today.

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  6. Happy belated bday Michelle! I love that sign you created. You are very creative. As for birthdays, girl, buy yourself some flowers, sit in a candle lit warm bath, and listen to your favourite music. Chores can wait till next day. (Except cat vomit).

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  7. Birthday’s🎈as we get older is just another day as far as first getting to our chores then having that alone time with a warm soaking bath as someone suggested.
    I agree with the impressions you gave of each of them, too funny & so true. Ah, to be a kid again. You did have a happy moment of childhood, in being creative with your diy, ❀it.
    Sent a prayer your way for all to have gone well with the must do’s of Dr’s appts. And a year full of wonderful surprises. Do consider this weekend an extension of your birthday and treat yourself with the precious things you love. Wishing you sun shining days ahead and peace throughout the year 😊

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      1. I’m curious, did you think of that idea yourself? And with the DIY crafts you usually do, are they largely ideas that occur to you, that you see around and add your own touches to, or a combination thereof? I really do enjoy seeing other’s creative juices at work. There are infinite possibilities!

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  8. Jennifer, I did! Some of my DIYs I see from other places, especially Pinterest and YouTube. I like to add my own touches to them, though. Sometimes I’m in the store and idea just pops in my head and I have to make it asap! πŸ˜€


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