Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday was rainy and chilly. My mom took me out to lunch and shopping for my birthday, which is tomorrow. We went to a primitive shop and spent hours in there! It’s a big store with lots of booths with different vendors. We walked around and looked at everything and then revisited our favorite booths.

This is a display in the bathroom. I thought it was so cute!
One of my favorite booths. My mom bought me the metal tray for my birthday.
We found this sign in an old basket. We had a good laugh over that one!

After shopping we had lunch at Long John Silver’s. It’s been so long since I have eaten there. I’m not a huge seafood fan so I had the chicken instead. Everything was cooked fresh and it was delicious!

We did a little bit more shopping after lunch visiting a craft store (of course!) and Dollar Tree. It’s not a shopping trip without Dollar Tree!! I saw this car next to ours in the parking lot and had to take a picture because it was just too funny!

Sunday’s temperature started out in the low 40’s and the winds blew in strong, which made the temperature drop super fast. It was 24 degrees by 7 o’clock in the evening, but the feels like temperature was 11, and it just continued to drop all night. Needless to say I stayed indoors Sunday reading and crocheting a few farmhouse dishcloths.

I’ve started reading Centralia by Mike Dellosso that I got from Thrift Books. So far it has been very interesting!

How was your weekend? Is it freezing for you, too?


35 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings”

  1. Happy birthday Michelle!!

    It’s been sunny and freezing around my neck of the woods.. got to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon last night!

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      1. I can’t blame you… I watched it momentarily.. it was in the low 20’s last night. Cold enough for me.. but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see a Wolf Moon!

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  2. Happy Birthday! I laughed at the quote from Yogi Berra. He is so insightful and funny. Weather here in central Ohio has been frigid and cold, but our snow totals were low. Stayed inside and did some writing, reading, and watching football.

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  3. It was snowing Saturday where I live, and today it’s like 5 degrees and my chicken’s water heater isn’t working because it’s so cold, so every hour or so we have to go outside in the freezing icy weather and check them.
    Happy birthday! 🎉🎉🎂🎁

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  4. Happy Birthday! Okay, I’m a little bit late, but that’s normal for me. We had a very cold weekend, it was -34F Sunday morning, windchill made it -45. I’m looking forward to spring, but that’s a long ways off!

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    1. You’re actually right on time because today is my birthday! And thank you so much! Wow! I’m complaining about how cold -4 is. That’s way too cold for me! I’m ready for spring, too.

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