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DIY Farmhouse Window

Good morning! It’s so nice out today. And the weather is going to be perfect for being outside. I plan to take full advantage of this beautiful weather by being indoors grocery shopping. Ugh… After that, though, I hope to take my daughter to the park and just be outside for a little while.

I came across a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago that had instructions on how to make your own farmhouse type window using only supplies from Dollar Tree. I loved that window so I ran out to Dollar Tree (okay, I actually drove there) and grabbed everything I needed to make my own. I changed it up a bit from hers, but I still love it! She shows you in the video exactly how to do it. Not only is it cheap, it’s easy, too!

To make the window, you will need 6 Dollar Tree picture frames and this little fence piece.


I spray painted them with a grey spray paint.


After the frames were dry I glued them all together.


While the glue was drying I worked on making the wreath I wanted to hang on the window. For the wreath I used the Styrofoam hoop and reindeer moss from Dollar Tree. I had to cheat and use a wooden “family” sign from Walmart because of course the local Dollar Tree never has everything I need! Grrr…..


I superglued the moss to the wreath all the way around so none would be showing. I figured out rather quickly that I needed gloves for this because I ended up burning myself pretty badly. Also, this is super messy!!


I glued the sign on and… all done!!


Finally I glued the fence piece to the top and hung my “window” up over my couch.


Now I just need to get to work on a shelf to go under the window and some candle holders!


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