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Dollar Tree Haul

Hey there! I haven’t felt like writing in a while. It’s been pouring rain for two weeks and has just been yucky. I love a rainy day, but two weeks of rainy days is just too much for me.

The sun came out Saturday and I decided to take advantage of it. (Dollar Tree shopping is how I take advantage of sunshine.)

I was so excited to see Fall stuff coming out already. I cannot wait for Fall!! I love everything about it. The colors, the cooler evenings, the smells, the hay rides, the pumpkin patches… everything!! Except the bees. I don’t like the bees. I have always wanted to go to an apple orchard so I can pick my own apples and make my own apple butter, but those bees! Ugh!

Anyway… here’s what I got at Dollar Tree.



I have so many fun crafts in mind to make with these!! I’m so excited. I may just start decorating now. After all, my daughter wanted to put the Christmas tree up last month.

Do you love Fall or hate it? What’s your favorite and/or least favorite thing about Fall? Do you decorate?

Have a blessed day!!







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