July 4th

Another holiday for us Americans has come and gone. I cannot believe we are already half-way through 2018! Where does the time go?

We spent the last two days celebrating America’s birthday. Tuesday night our local high school had a 4th of July event which included concerts, vendors, food, games, and raffles. It’s usually way too crowded so we park down the street along with many others and watch the fireworks after dark.



In the middle of the show there was a random police car flying by. Nothing like fireworks and police chases!




My daughter’s best friend came along with us both days. They have so much fun when they’re together. It makes me miss being young and acting crazy with my friends. However, imagine if we as adults acted like that. So carefree, not caring who sees us acting silly. Just enjoying life instead of complaining and spending too much time worried about what everyone else is doing.



Wednesday night we all hopped in the car and headed to the city. Every year we go to a community college and park up in the highest parking lot where we can see fireworks all around us. It’s beautiful up there! There’s a beautiful view of the mountains and a huge field where all the kids can run and play. While the fireworks were going off in the city, God had His own show off to the side over the mountains. There were flashes of orange lightning lighting up to our right which made it even more amazing.



Before the fireworks show we had dinner and the girls had the most amazing bowls of ice cream!



Of course, I couldn’t pass a holiday by without baking a cake!





How did you spend your 4th of July? I hope it was great!








5 thoughts on “July 4th”

  1. I love traditions!! Every year we go swim at the same community pool in Muenster, Texas. And every year, we drive to the same amazing small town fireworks show in St. Jo, Texas. It’s all about the welcoming atmosphere.


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