Well I Can Make That


There’s a huge craft show coming up in April and I’m super excited! I love these things. My mom and I go and walk around slowly, concentrating on all crafts these talented people have made. Occasionally we’ll even pick up an item, look it over carefully checking out every detail and then place it back in it’s spot. We’ll look at each other with that ah-ha look in our eyes and say, “Well I can make that!” You can almost see the wheels turning as we’re making a mental list of all the supplies we need to rush home and make that very item.

But then we get home. We plop ourselves on the couch, flip through the channels on the TV, scroll through Facebook and forget all about what we were going to make. Until months later when we see it on Pinterest and then it’s all “Oh yeah! I was going to make that!” But it will be a different season by then so there’s no point rushing out to buy all the supplies.

Do you do this, too? Why can’t I just commit to making a purchase and supporting that oh so talented lady (or man) that took her (his) time to make exactly what I wanted? Like it was made just for me and I seriously need it in my home. But, I’m going to make it. One day. When I’m 200 years old. And have nothing else to do.

2 thoughts on “Well I Can Make That”

  1. I can relate! Sometimes I take pictures for a post but then I wait weeks before posting it. I do hope I can change this and stay on top of things.

    P.S.(I love your writing style)


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