I have had Sam for about 12 years. We have definitely had our moments! Since he was a kitten he has loved to lay on my chest at bedtime. However, as he grew into a 20 pound cat this became difficult. He was heavy!! But, I still let him lay there because… why not!


Sam looks more like the dog compared to Leroy the Shih Tzu!


Unfortunately as Sam ages his health is declining. He has had many visits to the vet. Today’s visit did not provide the best news. Last month we found out that he has hyperthyroidism. He was put on meds twice a day. He weighed in at 11.5 pounds. Quite a drop from the 20 before. Today’s weight was 9.7 pounds. Almost a 2 pound loss in a month. His behavior has been very strange as well. The vet is worried about possible kidney failure.


Life is without Sam is going to certainly be different. I know that he will not live forever, but preparing yourself for the death of a loved one is hard! Even when it’s “just a cat.” A friend once told me she would not have a pet because they are just are just a heartbreak waiting to happen. But the years in between are special moments that no one can ever replace.


2 thoughts on “Sam”

  1. My cat Phyllis had jaw cancer and had to be put down a few years ago, and after Phyllis went I got a hamster and he just passed last month. I want to get another hamster soon.
    Hope you are having a great day!


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