Christmas Decor

Tomorrow is going to be my last post for about a week so I can focus on all things Christmas. I need to start baking all the cookies and make sure all the presents are wrapped. I wanted to share my Christmas decorations with you all before Christmas!! The Santa Clause by the bucket of… Continue reading Christmas Decor


Christmas Baking

This weekend we had plans to visit a farm. Every year the owners of the farm put up thousands of Christmas lights and decorations. On opening night Santa comes and the kids can sit in the sleigh with him and take pictures. There's Christmas music, hot chocolate, cookies, and a campfire. People from all over… Continue reading Christmas Baking


When is Thanksgiving?

Halloween is over. Merry Christmas! What happened to Thanksgiving? You know, that holiday for us Americans that comes between Halloween and Christmas. Where did it go? When did it become okay for us to skip over being thankful? When I was young, our family tradition was to visit my dad's parents' house for a big… Continue reading When is Thanksgiving?