DIY Psoriasis Balm

When I was younger I was diagnosed with psoriasis and eczema. The psoriasis was always way worse and would flair up when I was really stressed out. Several doctors looked at it, but always wanted to refer me to a dermatologist, which I did not have the money for at the time. My most recent… Continue reading DIY Psoriasis Balm


DIY Silky Skin Spray

A few months ago I went to a DIY essential oils class. We made bath bombs, reed diffusers, and silky skin spray. I feel in love with the silky skin spray! It made my skin feel so soft plus the essential oil I chose to put in mine smelled amazing. My skin spray ran out… Continue reading DIY Silky Skin Spray

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Happy Basket

My mom has been having gallbladder attacks for the past few months. She has had a gallstone for a while now but it has never bothered her this bad. So today she is having surgery to have it removed. When she gets home I have a "happy basket" to give her that I made. She… Continue reading Happy Basket