Happy 2019

Happy New Year!!

Just a short little post today after a much needed vacation from everything.

Yesterday was my mine and my husband’s 15th wedding anniversary! I can’t believe we’ve made it this far without me choking him. Just kidding!

Have you made any resolutions? I don’t usually make any because I can’t stick with them. This year I’ve made a few. They are things that I was already doing in 2018 so they’ve become somewhat of a habit.

  1. Stay organized! I’m pretty good about this. If I ever feel unmotivated I just turn on an episode of Hoarders. There is no other television show that gets me motivated to clean and organize everything in my house like this one!
  2. Eat healthy and walk. I’ve been doing really well at this one every since I went to the doctor 2 years ago and she told me my triglycerides were high, my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, and I was on the border of having diabetes. She immediately wanted to put me on medicine, but I said no. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months by following the Dash Diet and walking a mile 3 days a week. Needless to say my doctor was extremely impressed. I didn’t have to be put on any medications and I have had a clean bill of health since then.
  3. Spend more time working on my Etsy shop.
  4. Spend more time making memories with my family.

I will have more I’m sure. I’m always adding to my list!

Happy 2019! May your new year be an excellent one with many blessings!!

45 thoughts on “Happy 2019”

      1. It’s pretty amazing! Thank you.πŸ˜„

        We have that in common! I love to knit/crochet as well…..I’ve been creating a hat to sell for tbi awareness but it is slow going. 😚😚

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