Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

I’m back today with more DIY Christmas tree ornaments! I love making my own ornaments and putting a personal touch to my home decor. It means more to me when I know that I made it myself instead of spending a lot of money on it. 

I went to a huge craft fair at the beginning of Autumn and there was a lady who made these cute little ornaments out of mason jar lids, but she had them priced rather expensively. I decided I would make them myself. So I did!

I found these cute little reindeer ornaments at Wal-Mart in the mini-tree ornament section. There were four deer on one piece of cardboard for a little less than $2.00. I already had the fabric and the mason jar lids and the ribbon. 

I tried to use wrapping paper instead of fabric, but it did not work very well. So I found some fabric that I bought last year to make wreathes with. 

I popped the mason jar lid out of the ring and laid the lid on the fabric. I cut the fabric into a small square a tad bigger than the lid. This picture shows it using the wrapping paper that turned into a mess. 

I tucked the fabric around the lid and glued it down with hot glue. 

 After that dried I glued a reindeer ornament to the front. (I took the gold ribbon off of the reindeer.) I glued a red ribbon to the top for hanging.  

Super easy and quick to make! 

30 thoughts on “Mason Jar Lid Ornaments”

  1. I told my kids about this project when I first learned of the mason jar lid ornaments from you and they loved the idea. We have to do this! They have Friday off, then they are on Christmas break for 2 weeks, so it’s the perfect time! Thanks, God bless!

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