Back to the Basics

A friend of mine has a devotional page on Facebook. She posts devotionals and sometimes just inspirational photos almost every day. This was a post she shared the other day. It really made me stop and think. I wanted to share it with you all. 

Last night one of my dearest friends posted on FB looking for some advice regarding the child she had chosen from a local Angel Tree. It was a post that made my throat swell and my heart heavy. An 11 year old who asked for clothing and a meal. Please friends, let that soak in. That was all they asked for. Not toys. Not candy. Not the latest and not the greatest. They simply wanted to be clothed and fed. Basic needs.

It made me think. It made me cry. It made me wonder and ponder and remember. Isn’t that what Christmas is about? Our basic need. Our very most basic, bottom line need? A Savior! When did it become about so much more? When did we make it about us? When did it come to mean running around, going broke and forgetting what we desperately need? It is so easy to get caught up in what the world says Christmas looks like, that we forget what the Lord says Christmas looks like!

He says it looks like taking care of a basic need. In addition to salvation, it looked like a place to stay on that first Christmas. It looked like worship from men who had traveled from afar, a sacrifice of time and comfort. It looked so different than what it looks like today. Unrecognizable but not unattainable. Would you consider meeting the basic need of someone today? This Christmas? Would you share the love of Christ with them? Would you make sure they are clothed and fed? Both spiritually and physically?

This will require less inward looking and more outward looking. This will require the sacrifice of time and comfort. This will require us to take off the glasses of the world so that we can see through the lenses of Christ. This year are you willing to ask, “What does God think about my Christmas?” And then it means remodeling our hearts and minds.Today I pray we listen to the answer He offers for that question. I pray we are willing to get back to the basics.

12 thoughts on “Back to the Basics”

  1. I have been feeling convicted about this a lot this year. I don’t like the consumerism aspect of what Christmas has become. Projects like Angel Tree help put things in perspective, especially when you come face to face with the need of others. Thanks for sharing this with us, Michelle!

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  2. Awesome post. That’s what we really should be doing…looking after the needs of our fellow man just as Christ would. We should be following the example of Jesus, being loving and kind to others each and every day, and after all it would be less stressful and we would also have more money in our pockets when the holidays are over and done with. May we all take a deeper look at ourselves this Christmas.

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