Paint Swirl Ornaments

My daughter and I made paint swirl Christmas ornaments yesterday while the snow was slowly melting. We had a lot of fun making these. They are so simple to make, but do take a while because of the drying time. I had bought a set of clear ornaments for a great deal while Black Friday shopping. There were only six ornaments in the package and after making these I wished I had bought more! They are slightly addicting. 

All you need to make these ornaments is: 

  • A package of clear glass ornaments (like these here)
  • Craft Paint – I used Apple Barrel craft paint from Walmart (here)
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic cups

Gather all of your supplies and do the following: 

  • Take the silver top off of the ornaments. (They pop right out.)
  • Squeeze your paint colors into the top of the ornament. I used 2 colors in mine, but you can use more like my daughter did. (She made a rainbow!)
  • Swirl the paint around until it is covering the entire inside of the ornament. You may need to add more paint. 
  • Turn the ornament upside down over the cup so that the paint can drip into the cup.
  • Leave to dry overnight. 

That’s it! Now run out and buy some ornaments and paint!! 

Here’s how ours turned out: 

Have you ever made these type of ornaments before? 

15 thoughts on “Paint Swirl Ornaments”

  1. When I was young, my Mother and I made something similar out of the plastic craft ball ornaments. Instead of paint, we filled them with Christmas potpouri and decorated the seams of the ball (they snapped together as two halves) with silver and red ribbons. The craft balls had holes in them so you could smell the potpouri.. and you know this was the 80’s so potpouri was a popular craft element. Not even sure if you can still buy those plastic craft ball ornaments. It was fun though – and they looked pretty on the tree as well as hanging inside windows.

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