Christmas, Holidays

You Know It’s Christmas When…

  1. Everyone is wearing those crazy ugly sweaters. 
  2. Somebody ends up in the emergency room after attempting to hang Christmas lights. 
  3. Suddenly every other car in the mall parking lot is decorated with reindeer antlers. 
  4. Your tongue feels like sandpaper because you drank your hot chocolate too fast. 
  5. Elf has been on television for a month. 
  6. There is an inch of glitter EVERYWHERE! 
  7. A gingerbread house in dire need of a new roof sits on your kitchen table. 
  8. Your house smells like cookies baking. 
  9. Christmas music is the only music playing on the radio, in the stores, on your tv, in your head…
  10. Giant popcorn tins with Santa’s face line the grocery store shelves. 
  11. You start seeing Santa and wonder silently to yourself if you’re too old to sit on his lap. 
  12. You get super excited and cancel all plans because Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch, and Charlie Brown are coming on TV. 


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