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Christmas Wreath DIY

I love looking at all the beautiful Christmas wreathes, but some of them are ridiculously expensive! I always make my own wreathes, usually out of Dollar Tree items. I wanted something a little simpler this year. I got this really cute white and silver wrapping paper at Walmart with reindeer on them so I wanted a wreath to match. 

I used these cute little reindeer ornaments and red and black plaid ribbon. I also got these from Walmart. 

These ornaments are so cute! They are made out of cardboard, I think, and are pretty sturdy. However, the bow on the front comes off easily. The first one ripped off as I was taking it out of the package. They do have a little glitter on them which of course comes off and gets all over everything. 

Of course my cat has to check everything out as I go. I turn around for one minute and she’s laying in the middle of my wreath! 

This is the wreath finished. I put it on my front door. I’m terrible at bow making! Minding My P’s with Q’s blog has a great tutorial on bow making. I will definitely be doing it this way next time! She does an amazing job. 

I made this one to hang on the frame I already had up. I changed the backing to the reindeer wrapping paper I mentioned earlier. 

This is the view at night. You can see the sliver reindeer better. 

I’ve got more things to make, but not enough time!! 


35 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath DIY”

  1. lovely wreath Michelle! Oh, how cute that your kitty wanted a closer look! Anytime we do any kind of project in the house, the dogs are right there in the middle checking things out. I think they just want to be included!

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  2. Michelle, I really like the wreath…it looks like your buff-colored furry friend does too πŸ™‚ I have a ton of this garland laying around. Our staircase is long enough to wrap up the banister and use up most of what I have. One year, I made an entire length into a wreath for the front door and it weathered pretty well. I might have to take your idea and do that for our front door this year πŸ™‚ My favorite thing is to go shop the Christmas aisle a couple of days after Christmas to snatch up the deals πŸ™‚

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