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A Trip to the Mall

This weekend I decided to take a quick trip to the mall because a store there had some things on sale that my daughter wants for Christmas. My quick trip turned into an all day thing. There was so much traffic. And so many people. It was almost as bad as Black Friday with the long lines! And can anyone explain to me why stores find it necessary toΒ  play their music super loud? I walked out of three stores because of the music. I didn’t even like that when I was younger! Now that I’m older I really don’t like it. Throughout the entire middle of the mall, vendors were lined up trying to sell their products. I try not to make eye contact. If they see you looking at their table they will come after you.

Other than the major chaos of people, the mall was decorated so pretty for Christmas. Santa was already there, too. I was surprised because he usually doesn’t show up until after Thanksgiving. But, since Christmas decorating started the first day of Fall this year, I guess it only makes sense that Santa show up early, too.

I’m not exactly sure what he’s doing here. Maybe practicing holding the kids the right way? Hmm….




The singing bears were out again this year. I loved them when I was little. I could sit and watch those bears sing all day!




I saw some of the coolest gifts this year, such as these party games at Target:




I have no idea what these games are about, but I just had to take a picture! They even have a Brady Bunch game and a Golden Girls game!


There was also some pretty cool candy out this year. Lots of things are pickled flavored, but I came across these delicious looking candy canes at FYE:




Of course a trip to the mall is never complete without a visit to Bath and Body Works. They candles were on sale, plus I had a coupon! After the craziness I felt like I deserved a candle. I ran in and grabbed my favorite candle – Marshmallow Fireside.




Since they were on sale I also grabbed my favorite candle scent for winter – Winter. (Perfect name!) The hand soaps were only $2.95, so I snatched up some of those and some Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel for my daughter. (I got that free!!) I was excited that I left the store with all of that and only ended up paying $25. Woo hoo!


What did you do this weekend?


Have a blessed day!!


38 thoughts on “A Trip to the Mall”

  1. Haven’t ventured to the mall yet. I’m too weary of any crowds. I try to do my xmas shopping at the oddest times to avoid lines, etc. I wish I was more into internet shopping cause that would make my life easier!

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    1. I completely agree! I don’t like shopping online, but I might have to this year. We have another smaller mall, but most of the stores have closed inside. There’s not many choices to shop for my daughter other than the mall or online. It’s so difficult to buy clothes online because I hate returning things. lol!

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  2. When I was in college, I worked at a mall one holiday season. I think it scarred me for life. Lol. Since then, I’ve avoided the malls during the holidays, but your post actually reminded me of the cool things to see if you’re willing to brave the crowds. I think I’m going to pay my local mall a visit soon and check out the holiday spirit.

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  3. I went out last Friday, never imagining the crowds already sholiday shopping. The local dollar store, the discount stores, grocery stores…they were absolutely jam-packed with people. I do live in a busy area, but usually if I go out earlier I miss the crowds. Not this time.

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  4. I love seeing the decorations in the malls. I usually try to be there within 30-40 minutes of opening. Often on Tuesday. Crowds not an issue usually. But never the week before Christmas, or the weekend of Thanksgiving. I don’t like online shopping but do love the malls. So all is good. And really love Bath and Body Works. Retirement lets me go during slow times. Wasn’t always that way.

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