Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

Happy Wednesday!

We are under a winter storm warning until tomorrow here in Virginia. I can hardly believe it! Usually we don’t start getting these warnings until January! We are supposed to be getting a little bit of snow but mostly ice. Yuck. I hope it melts fast! I don’t have time for ice.

I decided to go ahead and start working on some Christmas ornaments since it looks and feels like Christmas everywhere already. At a craft show a while back I saw some cute little ornaments made out of mason jar lids. I thought, “Well, I can do that!” (And it’s a lot cheaper!) So I decided to drag my mason jar lids out and use some crafts I already had on hand.

Mason Jar Lid1

I have this fabric left over from curtains I made to go under my kitchen sink. I just cut it down.

Mason Jar Lid2

Mason Jar Lid3

I put the fabric on the lid and popped it through the ring.

Mason Jar Lid4

I added a foam dove I had left over from another craft project.

Mason Jar Lid5

I also added this foam “peace” I had on hand.

Mason Jar Lid6

I made one with a foam snowman and some glitter for snow.

Mason Jar Lid7

That’s it! They are super simple to make. I’m going to make some more soon, but I want them to be more rustic. I have to order some pieces for that.

Have a blessed day!

46 thoughts on “Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments”

  1. Adorable ornaments! great craft for bad weather. I hope the ice is not too bad. We would have those when I lived in western North Carolina, and they were no fun.
    All the Best,

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