Baked Penne

I love pasta! I can’t have a lot of pasta, but I love it! I also love being able to throw foods together in a matter of minutes and using very few pans. Fewer pans means fewer dishes to wash.

One of my favorite pasta dishes is baked penne. I cook the penne according to the directions on the box and I heat up a jar of spaghetti sauce. When those are done I mix them together in a 9×13″ glass baking dish.


Then I put shredded cheddar cheese on top.


I add Bacon Bits and Oregano on top of the cheese. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top to give it a little extra flavor.


It bakes in a 350 degree preheated oven for about 20 minutes or so, just until the cheese is bubbly.


My daughter does not like spaghetti sauce so I give her the noodles plain with Bacon Bits on the side. She loves green pepper strips!


What are you having for dinner tonight?

35 thoughts on “Baked Penne”

  1. That looks good! I can’t eat wheat or dairy anymore, so we use Tinkyada brand brown rice noodles. My wife and kids can still have dairy, so they could top it with cheese. I eat brown rice noodles every day for lunch. I wish I could eat cheese again! God bless!

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  2. I wasn’t expecting to see bacon bits in baked penne but that’s a unique take on it. I can’t quite visualize the taste in my head but clearly it’s well liked. Oh, and for the record, I’m jealous that your daughter likes green peppers. If I put those on my son’s plate, he’d run away screaming.

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