Halloween Decor

It’s almost Halloween! My daughter already has her costume. She is going to be a bird this year. I thought that was pretty unique. Growing up I was almost always a witch. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it was the easiest costume to throw together. And the cheapest since I already had everything. There were not many costume ideas back then. We had the plastic costumes with the plastic masks. The masks had tiny holes for the nose so you could barely breathe all night. I would go to someone’s house, get my candy, and immediately turn around and lift up my mask.

Here’s an example of a Wonder Woman costume:


It was way scarier than the costumes that were supposed to be scary! But oh, how I miss those days.

I managed to get some Halloween decor put out. I didn’t go over board this year because quite honestly I don’t feel like putting it all up in 2 weeks.



I found this picture online and printed it out in black and white. I put it in an old frame I found years ago at a thrift store for fifty cents.


I found this picture at Dollar Tree. I trimmed it down and put it in a Dollar Tree frame. I thought it was so cool how it looks like normal people one way and scary zombies another way. I say they are my cousins Pete and Repeat.



I really have no idea what’s going on with this poor owl, but he was too cute to just leave at the store! He came from Dollar Tree, too, along with the purple and black flowers.


This is not exactly Halloween, but it was in my Halloween box. I made this last year from some overalls I found at Goodwill.


Do you decorate for Halloween? What is your favorite season to decorate for?

Have a blessed day!


37 thoughts on “Halloween Decor”

      1. Are you made me, not visiting me. I haven’t seen anything new from you in the group either. How are you feeling though? Come check out my new post and give me your opinion. I am not as creative as you are mycreativehideout. You are beyond amazing. I would not like to loose my blogger friends.

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      2. You don’t have to participate in it. It’s just nice to be acknowledged. I felt like to nominate you but you are not force to accept. I said that in my post as well. Take care, stay blessed and stay connected


  1. We don’t really decorate for Halloween anymore, I think because they are no young kids around our house. But Halloween was my absolute favorite day of year when I was a kid (even more than Christmas). Dressing up & eating candy; what else could a kid want? πŸ˜‰

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  2. Michelle, All the decors look so cute. It’s nice to see the old costume. I love that double faced picture you got from the dollar tree. I also like the overall decor you made. We haven’t done much this year. Just few pumpkins the kids brought form the pumpkins patch. Inside the house that’s the only corner I decorated which you saw on my today’s post. Rest of the house is full of boxes. Next year for sure as I love Halloween.

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  3. Michelle, this is awesome. I don’t decorate for Halloween anymore as our children are all grown up. But I do love to decorate for Christmas when the whole family comes together. I am already getting excited for that.

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