Crazy Michael



Hurricane Michael was supposed to hit Florida, go up a couple of states and then zoom back off into the ocean. However, Michael decided to stay a strong tropical storm and come right up over us here in Virginia. We are okay, but our small town could not handle all that rain and the damaging winds that blew through. There are really no words that I could give you to describe the horrible scene.

The company my mom works for closed early so all the employees could get home safely. However, that didn’t happen because as they were leaving the parking lot getting ready to go onto the main road, it was flooded going both ways.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by this storm. Watching the devastation in Florida on the news left me heartbroken for all of those people.


veterns park
Veteran’s Memorial Park not far from my house
Tanglewood Mall3
Mall parking lot
Tanglewood Mall
The Mall
Tanglewood Mall2
Water seeping into the mall
south county tree rescue
Rescuing a man from a tree. His car was swept away by the water.
My mom took this picture on her way home of a mudslide.
Another view of the mudslide.
This entire road was under water only a few minutes before. 
The road washed away 
My mom took this while leaving work.





old ferrum road


Floyd County



Electric Road

Cranberry Road


Coal Creek Road




Another rescue 

roanoke rescue


after the storm
After Michael left the area a golden sky was left behind with a rainbow! 
Such a crazy looking sky when the storm was leaving! 



*These pictures are not my own.







34 thoughts on “Crazy Michael”

  1. Yes, Michelle, the sky turned a luminous yellow, so pretty but strange! Those pictures look scary. I saw water rescues on our local news! Crazy! I’m thankful you and yours are well…..he was a powerful one! 🤗

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  2. Woah! :-O That is insane! We don’t have that kind of weather here in Denmark. Once in a while we do get a hurricane, but a very small one by your standards. I would like to experience one though – yeah – I’m crazy but I’m really into weather phenomena.

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  3. We had flooding similar to that in our area in August when flash floods rushed up around homes and businesses. Scary stuff. In 2011 the town I live in was under water after the remainder of Hurricane Sandy dumped tons of water on our area. The flooding was down the road from us and it was hard to see so much damage.

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    1. It’s so sad to see something so horrific happen in your own neighborhood. The only positive is that everyone seems to come together and help each other in times like this.


  4. Wow! Those are some scary driving conditions for sure. I hope your mom got into her house all right. It looks like the emergency workers were on the spot helping people get through the dangerous areas. Erie looking beautiful sky in the aftermath…Wow!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My mom was able to get home later in the afternoon. Thank you! Fire and rescue from surrounding counties were even coming in to help. Unfortunately some people lost their lives.


  5. Michele – so sorry for the devastation in your area, but glad you & your family are safe. Michael also knocked it’s way thru Richmond & our area leaving downed trees & power lines all over. Blessings & hugs! 💨☀️💨

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