More Fall Decor

I finally finished my fall wreath for my front door. I also made one to go in my picture window behind my couch, but I haven’t been able to get a picture of that yet. Maybe for another day. I already had the wreath and all the decorations on the wreath came from Dollar Tree.

fall wreath

I also added a few fall decorations to my bathroom shelf. My bathroom is in need of a huge makeover and I cannot wait to get it done. Unfortunately we need a new roof first so the bathroom will have to wait. Along with the kitchen.

fall bathroom

fall bathroom2

fall bathroom3

fall bathroom4

Do you put seasonal decorations all over your house? What rooms do you decorate for fall?

Have a blessed day!


14 thoughts on “More Fall Decor”

  1. I love making DIY crafts for my room. I made a turkey out of a foam ball for the head, construction paper, toilet paper roll for the body and an acorn for the beak. It’s falling apart now and I never even move it! πŸ˜‚
    Love your decorations!

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  2. I’m loving your seasonal dΓ©cor. Sadly, we have not decorated our house yet although I am eyeing all of the pretty mums that are out right now. I need to get in gear for an upcoming party we are having.

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  3. Michelle, The wreath looks beautiful, I was waiting to see that. You should have done a tutorial on that. Your whole house looks beautiful. Yes, dollar tree is the way to go!!! I am jealous! Sarah, you are not alone we have done nothing either this year. The kids are asking for it but, the house is pretty much full of boxes all over and I don’t feel like decorating at all.

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