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Crochet Chemo Caps

I’ve been busy finally setting up an Etsy shop! I’ve been making chemo caps for a while now and thought I would like to try to sell some. I also donate them, too. I’ve made a couple for a friend who had cancer and she loved them. Another friend asked if I could make her some for her doctor who had breast cancer so I made her a couple, too. She loved them as well. Of course this boosted my confidence and made me feel good! So now I’m addicted to making them.

Pink Ribbon Chemo Cap

I love to sit and crochet while binge watching the television shows I miss at night. (Which reminds me, I need to find the remote so I can watch Grey’s Anatomy.) Today is the perfect day for just relaxing on the couch under my blanket with my yarn and crochet hook. It’s very dark and cloudy outside and it’s been raining on and off. I think days like this are the days that the Lord wants us to just rest.

Elegant Chemo Cap
Elegant Chemo Cap

Most of my chemo caps are crocheted with Caron Simply Soft yarn which is 100% acrylic and super soft. I also use Candy Shop yarn, which I really love.

When you are losing your hair you want something soft against your skin, not something scratchy. You also want to stay warm and look stylish.

Teal & White Chemo Cap
Teal & White Chemo Cap

I hate cancer. My grandfather died of lung cancer when I was a teenager. He was my best friend and I was so angry with God for taking him from me. My mom had breast cancer. They caught hers very early and were able to get it all. She’s been cancer-free for about 7 years. My brother-in-law’s daughter has bone cancer. It is extremely difficult when a child gets cancer. Everywhere you go there is someone who has cancer. It’s such a horrible, horrible thing!

Teal Chemo Cap

Has cancer affected your life?

I pray for peace and hope and healing for all those who have cancer.

Have a blessed day!


25 thoughts on “Crochet Chemo Caps”

  1. What a wonderful thing to create! My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer 9 years ago when I was on a business trip. I never made it to his funeral, but thankfully my parents held a memorial for him when I got home. I honestly don’t know a single person whose life hasn’t been touched in some way by cancer.

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  2. Beautiful work on the caps! Cancer is a difficult condition and my grandma died of breast cancer. I can’t figure out if we are just getting better at detecting it or if it is something that is increasing in rate in our population.

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  3. I’m a breast cancer survivor for almost 4 years now. When I look back, I didn’t know how I made it through all those trying moments! Thank God, I did! Those crochet caps are lovely, and I envy people who can crochet.

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