Abandoned Mill

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday was a pretty busy day for me. My mom and I went to a church rummage sale. There was a lot of furniture there, but nothing that really caught my eye. At least not for the prices they had stuck on them. I did end up getting a few Christmas decorations, which felt odd since it was 80 degrees outside! I found a mirror and an old wooden picture frame I plan to DIY.

After the sale my mom and I went to an apple festival. I was slightly disappointed because it seemed to me that there wasn’t much of a festival to it. It was basically just a bunch of vendors on the side of the road selling their products. I love the homemade food and homemade craft vendors, but here lately it seems there are less of those and more direct selling vendors at every festival I attend. Some of these sellers are rude and seem to get mad if you don’t stop at their table and buy their products. This has really turned me away from festivals lately. I don’t want to attend something where I feel forced to buy something. I just want to enjoy the actual festival – the music, the food, the fun.

At the festival I bought a big bag of apples that I plan to make my own apple butter with. Hopefully this turns out well and I can share it with you. Fingers crossed!

On the way back to my mom’s house, we visited an old mill that has been abandoned and is starting to fall apart.



I can imagine that this mill and the old house was probably very beautiful at one time. It’s sad that it has just been left to fall apart this way. Now it looks spooky. I kept looking at the windows expecting to see someone looking back at me!

After leaving my mom’s house I went to the grocery store – a chore I do not like one bit!

Saturday night we had strong thunderstorms and heavy rain come through, which left a lot more flooding and closed many roads in our county. This is more rain on top of an already saturated ground so this time many bridges were washed away. Some girls were swept away on a bridge after their car hydroplaned. (They were rescued and are okay.) This is just not something that happens in our area very often. We have a lot of small creeks and rivers and they usually do not flood like this. We’ve just had so much rain!

Saturday’s storms brought cooler weather, though! Sunday was a little dreary, but at least it was only in the 60’s! YAY FOR FALL!!!

What did you do this weekend? Anything excited happen? Tell me!







12 thoughts on “Abandoned Mill”

  1. I love going to rummage sale but sometimes there prices are really high but my husband always say, “Just think of that you giving donation” which gets rid of my guilt of spending more there. Yes the Mill does look beautiful, you know seeing buildings like that sometimes makes you very sad. I am right there with you, I hate going to grocery shopping…. the bad part is that we can’t skip that chore. Glad you had fun with your mom!

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  2. What a picturesque spot with that mill! It looks like an oil painting πŸ™‚ I don’t like going to places where they pressure you to buy stuff either. It usually scares me away from even looking at their wares. It has been raining here today but our weekend was pretty nice!

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