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My Favorite Dollar Store

I discovered an online dollar store a while back and decided to give it a try. I placed an order and waited. And waited. And waited. I was so disappointed that shipping was taking so long!

Until I realized that it had been shipped.

And delivered.

To the wrong house!


Our regular mailman retired and the new mailman apparently had no idea how to read street names. He got the house number right, it was just on the wrong street. Needless to say he is no longer our mailman.

After finally receiving my shipment I was very happy! Nothing was broken, everything I ordered was there, and the quality of everything was excellent! Sometimes you get what you pay for of course, but these items were cheap, yet of great quality!

I decided to give them a second chance and place another order. This shipment came much faster! Faster than I expected, but not two day Amazon fast of course. And once again I was very pleased with my order.

So my favorite online dollar store has become Hollar.

This store has everything! And I mean everything! You can shop for toys, beauty products, household and kitchen items, seasonal items, and so much more! (My favorite is the organizing products.) In my last order I bought my daughter a pillow pet with a scent patch for only $5! She loves it!


You only have to spend $25 or more to get free shipping!

Hollar also a $1 shop where you can get tons of items for only $1 each. They have baby items, beauty products, home & kitchen items, items for your pets, and more! There is also a clearance section. Who doesn’t love a good clearance?!

I have not ordered any apparel from them yet, so I’m not quite sure how great it is.

Most of the items you get from Hollar are brand name, like Revlon, Crayola, Nickelodeon, etc.

If you love the dollar store as much as I do you have to check them out. The only downfall is that stuff goes fast. If you see something you want grab it. I’ve put things in my cart and went back the next day to place my order and they were gone. Very disappointing. But, I’ve learned my lesson! However, new stuff is constantly added.

If you are planning a Halloween party this year, now is the time to grab your supplies!


Happy shopping!









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