Autumn To-Do List

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What is on your fall to-do list? I can’t wait to hear what you have planned for fall this year! Do you have a fall tradition?







22 thoughts on “Autumn To-Do List”

  1. Sure! My fall to do list is:
    1. Craft for Halloween
    2. Craft some more for Halloween
    3. Finding more stuff to make for Halloween
    4. Decorate for Halloween
    5. Make more stuff for Halloween
    6. Enjoy Halloween
    7. Put Halloween stuff away
    8. Finish crafting for Halloween
    9. Craft for Fall
    10. Craft for Christmas

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  2. Thanks for the prompt. Our kids have never been on a hay ride! I once did a farm tour that included one. The mom of the farm had her teenaged sons put white 100 percent cotton pillow cases on top of each hay bale. It had to be the classiest hay ride in history.

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  3. I have not made a Fun Fall list yet but your post reminded me! I am sure my kiddos have some pretty strong opinions on what to do. We already made caramel apples…perhaps we’ll hit the pumpkin patch next. I like your list!

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      1. It is delicious, I use pumpkin, parsnips and potatoes and onions. Cut all into inch cubes, fry in oil with mixed herbs and turmaric. Just fry until they are a golden brown. Then put in a large saucepan/ pot and cover generously with a vegetable stock. Cook by bring to the boil and then simmer with lid on for a couple of hours stirring often. Whisk , blend or mash the contents until you have a thick soup left. You can freeze this if you don’t need to use it all. If you do freeze it just defrost before use. Frozen or not all you need to do with the thick soup is add either milk or cream to make the consistency you like. Eat with fresh crusty bread. 💜

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    1. I think they would really enjoy that! At our local pumpkin patch, at the end of the hayride is the corn maze. Once you come out of the maze you are in a field of pumpkins and tons of games for the kids. It’s so much fun! We go every year!


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