Hurricane Florence

What a crazy storm Florence was! She’s making her way out of here now and I cannot be happier. She scared me. Sunday and Sunday night was our worst from the storm. And even though it was not that bad it was still bad for our little town.

It rained all weekend, but Sunday it poured all day. Late Sunday night thunderstorms started rolling in and the wind picked up causing spin-off tornadoes in some areas nearby. Around 10pm there was a loud “boom” down the road from our house and a flash of greenish blue light. I am guessing it was the sound of a tree falling on an electrical line and blowing the transformer. Luckily we did not lose electricity at our house, however the entire other side of town did. The side with all the businesses – grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

no power mcdonalds

sheetz no power

The first picture is in the busiest part of town. It’s usually bright in that area from all the lights and stop-lights. The second picture is Sheetz and a fast food restaurant which are also well lit. It’s so eerie seeing town so dark!! It’s not something that happens very often here.

There was also quite a bit of flooding as well in places.


Floyd County

Floyd County2

(These photos are not mine – I did not leave my house! I was not going out there in all that mess. I’m content with sitting at home watching videos and seeing pictures.)

When I got up Monday morning there was a long list of roads that were closed in our county and the list was growing by the minute. This was all due to flooding across roads, mudslides, and trees down. It was quite scary! I cannot even imagine what the people of North Carolina and South Carolina went through as Florence hit. I watched as so many people had to be rescued because they chose not to leave their homes. The wind gusts here were nowhere near what they got there and yet trees were falling left and right.

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims of this horrible storm. I pray they are safe and stay healthy and can rebuild quickly.

And they all wear this t-shirt. 😀








7 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence”

  1. So glad you’re safe! Living in Florida I’ve weathered several hurricanes. We’ve always been lucky (knock on wood), but they scare me silly. And the whole waiting game as you wonder if you should evacuate or wait it out is too much tension for me.

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  2. What a horrible deadly storm, but glad you and your loved ones made it through OK! NY is now getting whatever remnants there are left. Hurricane season can be so horrific for Southerners & East coasters, especially.

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  3. Michele – so glad you & your family are ok! My sis & her husband (who came to Williamsburg from Wilmington to weather the storm) can’t get back due to flooded interstates that look like canals. And the rivers are still cresting. Stay safe – yesterday multiple Florence-related tornadoes hit Chesterfield County (near Richmond.) 💨💦🤗💦💨

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    1. Thank you! Prayers for your sister and her husband! My sister lives in Wilmington, too and she decided to stay. They are ok, but there’s so much flooding everywhere. They were lucky to get their electricity back on so soon. I saw that about the tornadoes. I am about 6 hours away and have a good friend that lives there. That was scary! I’m glad you’re safe!

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