Organization Tips

A messy room makes me feel closed in and overwhelmed. Clutter makes me want to shut down and hide under my blanket. Having depression and anxiety makes clutter super overwhelming to me. I clean my house, put away all the clutter, things are great! My husband comes home and suddenly there are soda bottle tops in the floor, papers scattered on the couch, a lunchbox in the floor. All within 10 minutes! It’s so upsetting and makes me feel so underappreciated and worthless! Ugh!! Then my anxiety sets in which causes me to feel super overwhelmed which causes my depression to kick in which makes me want to hide under my blanket for days.

Sounds crazy, right?

Yeah, it sucks.

I have two kazillion pins on Pinterest on organizing. I’ve been working on getting organized around my house. For example, I took an over the door shoe organizer and hung it on the backside of my hall closet door. I put cleaning supplies in the pockets to keep them organized. It is similar to this:

Via https://www.diyncrafts.com/

My bathroom cabinets were a complete hot mess. I couldn’t find anything in there! While rummaging through the mess to find something I would knock something over and then it was like a domino effect – everything was falling over and most of it was spilling out onto the floor. Which wasted more time because I had to pick everything up and put it all back. I decided to grab a few of those cube organizers.



I placed them in my cabinets and organized everything according to each container.


See the hot mess on the bottom shelf?




Now I feel a little more at ease. No more stress! Everything is packed away in it’s neat little box. And not flying out of my cabinet!

My top cabinet contains sheets and blankets along with towels and washcloths. I’m a short person and putting away the blankets and sheets gives me a headache! I have to go find the step-stool that is always missing before I can ever put anything on that top shelf. And it looks like a madhouse in there!




I grabbed some more containers and neatly folded up the mess. I put sheets in one container and blankets in the other organizer. Much better!!




Now I need to work on organizing under my kitchen sink. Any ideas for me? What are your best organizing tips?

Have a blessed day!!






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