Hurricane Florence



It seems that Florence is going to be an issue for us here in Virginia. My sister lives in Wilmington, North Carolina and there is a possibility that the hurricane could hit land there, then stall over us in Virginia. What a mess that will be for this coming weekend.

Our local news station is saying that “such a scenario could potentially bring catastrophic amounts of rainfall to the western parts of the forecast area. The mountains would enhance rainfall and cause streams and rivers to leave their banks over the weekend.” (WDBJ7.com) I’m not looking forward to that at all. But, I’m looking on the bright side and hoping things will change. It still has a few days to go the other way.




We bought a generator yesterday so we can check that off the list. Water bottles are taking up the dining room. Flashlights are scattered all over the house so I guess I better get those together and make sure they work. The vehicles are full of gas so we’re good there. Luckily we live on a hill and there’s no water near us, but we do have huge trees beside and behind our house that worry me. It’s been raining for 2 days already, so the ground is already soaked. More rain on top of that is not going to be good for those old trees. They are calling for rain Thursday night into Sunday afternoon. Not just rain, but RAIN! Ugh….

Keep us in your prayers as Florence heads in our direction. I’m not exactly thrilled to meet her.






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