Zoo Day

Last Friday we finished our school work early and decided to head to the local zoo. Since we are studying Zoology this year, we printed out a scavenger hunt so we could learn as much as possible about the animals along the way. Later, we will take her favorite animals and classify them.

I love going to the zoo. Anything to be outside in nature! Being that close to wild animals knowing they can’t attack me is pretty amazing. We were so lucky to get there early that day because 1) the zoo was closing early for an event and 2) it was feeding time so all the animals were eating breakfast or had already eaten and they were out of their houses. I’ve been to the zoo so many times over the years and have never seen all the animals in one trip. This time we got to see every single animal! It was a great day.




These are only a few pictures of the very many that I took. I always take so many!

There was a tiny chipmunk following us around the zoo. Everywhere we went, there he was! He was so cute!



It was a beautiful day since the humidity had finally let up. It was rather nice on the mountain. We walked up to the Mill Mountain Star, which is beautiful at night. It’s lit every night and is the largest, free-standing, man-made, illuminated star in the world! It was built in 1949 and was meant to serve as a seasonal Christmas decoration for the holiday shopping season, however it has become so much more than that now.




This is what it looks like at night.



(pic via Star City SkyCams)


When you stand on the balcony you are overlooking the city of Roanoke, Virginia. You can see so far out on a nice day. The city just keeps growing. It is way bigger now than it was when I was little. The mountains in the background are absolutely breathtaking!




I love that I am able to homeschool. I love spending time with my daughter because I know that one day she will grow up and get married and leave me all alone with all the cats watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. But until then I get to soak up the time I get.

Have a blessed day!









7 thoughts on “Zoo Day”

  1. I know that star! We happened to be in your city a few years ago when a nasty derecho hit. Our route back to the hotel was blocked and we literally used the star to help us find our way! We felt like the wise men! Wonderful city, especially the downtown dining district. 🙂

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    1. What a small world! I’m glad you enjoyed the city, but I’m sure being in the derecho wasn’t so much fun. That was such a scary time for us! We had no electricity for almost a week and nobody was prepared for it. I hope you’ll visit again! But leave the derecho out of it. HAHA!

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