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Dollar Tree Wreath DIY

Remember my Dollar Tree haul? And all the goodies I got? Well, here is one craft done from that shopping trip. I found some cute little wreathes and decided I would put them inside my tobacco baskets I got from Tuesday Morning. They were so cheap there! I was so excited to find them since they are normally expensive.

I couldn’t find my usual “work blanket,” so I had to use an old Spongebob sheet. So fancy, right? As soon as I started laying my materials down here come the animals to be nosy. And yes, Cracker Jacks are a must in any DIY project!


I didn’t really take any pictures of putting the wreathes together because I kept getting so frustrated. I made one and loved it, but the second one I just could not get right. I must have remade it 10 times before I finally settled. I’m still not completely happy with it.



I can change them out with the seasons, too, so that makes me happy. What do you think?

Have a blessed day!


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