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Happy Basket

My mom has been having gallbladder attacks for the past few months. She has had a gallstone for a while now but it has never bothered her this bad. So today she is having surgery to have it removed.

When she gets home I have a “happy basket” to give her that I made. She will be out of work for about a week, so I decided to put together a basket for her of things she likes that she can keep right next to her in one place. I included a magazine, The Prayer of Jabez for Women (book), honeysuckle pineapple wax tarts, Dr. Teal’s lavender body lotion, a pack of tissues, lip balm, and a Pioneer Woman drinking glass with a straw. Inside the glass I put a box of Crystal Light lemon iced tea. I added some flowers just to make it pretty. I also made an energizing candle out of soy wax and essential oil. I hope she enjoys it and it makes her happy!





I completely forgot to get my stuff together to hold the wick up so I had to grab the scissors that were close by. Nice save since it worked! The energizing essential oil came from Walmart and it smells really good! It makes me feel so…well…energized! I need to put some on my diffuser necklace that I got at Naturally Made Essentials.

What are you doing this weekend? I will be visiting with my mom this afternoon. Saturday, unless my mom needs me in the morning, I plan to take my daughter to the Space Festival at a nearby museum. They are having space themed games and activities as well as crafts. There will be a replica of a moon habitat that NASA is currently considering. Actual astronaut artifacts will also be a part of this festival. And get this!! An alien autopsy!! Say what???? That’s the only reason I want to go!! Okay, not really the only reason, but how cool is that going to be?

Have a blessed weekend!!


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