What I’m Reading This Month

With my daughter in school, I had no time for reading like I wanted to. It was always too busy so I would try to read before bed at night. The most I could read was one chapter because I would end up falling asleep so fast. So now that school is out for summer break I have more time to just sit in my chair under the tree in my backyard and read. When we go to the lake there’s always a book in my bag.


So what am I reading this month? I just finished Beth Moore’s The Undoing of Saint Silvanus. I had no idea she wrote a fiction novel, but I’m so glad I ran across it and picked it up. It was such a good book! It’s unlike any other Christian novel I have ever read before. I really enjoyed reading this book and meeting all the characters. It’s one of those books that you really do not want to end because you feel like you have become such good friends with every character in there. There are also some twists and turns that leave you wanting more. I do not know how many times I thought, “Well, I’ll just read to the end of this chapter because I’ve got so much to do today,” and nope. Nothing got done because I just had to find out what happened next!

Here’s an excerpt from the book description:

“Only God knew why Jillian Slater agreed to return to New Orleans on the news that her father had finally drunk himself to death. It’s not like they were close. She hadn’t seen him – or her grandmother, the ice queen – in almost twenty years. But when Adella Atwater, the manager of her granmother’s apartment house, called and said her expenses would be paid if she’d fly in for the burial, a free trip to New Orleans was too intriguing to resist.” 

Another book I plan to read this month is Mean Streak by Sandra Brown. I have enjoyed some of her books in the past and was in the mood to read something else by her. She can keep me on the edge of my seat as well! Here’s an excerpt:

“Dr. Emory Charbonneau, a pediatrician and marathon runner, disappears on a mountain road in North Carolina. By the time her husband, Jeff, miffed over a recent argument, reports her missing, the trail has gone cold. Literally. Fog and ice encapsulate the mountainous wilderness and paralyze the search for her. 

“While police suspect Jeff of ‘instant divorce,’ Emory, suffering from an unexplained head injury, regains consciousness and finds herself held captive by a man whose violent past is so dark that he won’t even tell her his name.”

I cannot wait to dig into this book! It sounds so mysterious!

The last book I plan to read this month is Secrets From the Past by Barbara Taylor Bradford. I have never read anything by this author, but this book stood out at me in the library. The inside flap states that this book is “a powerful and emotional novel about one woman’s quest to uncover long-buried secrets about her family – secrets she will stop at nothing to retrieve, no matter the consequences.” 

I am also doing a Bible Study this summer along with Study Gateway. It is “In the Middle of the Mess” by Sheila Walsh. Last week was the first week of the study and I really enjoyed it. Mondays start the week off. If you would like to join in it’s not too late! You are more than welcome to jump in with us. Just click here and sign up! All you need is the study guide – the videos are free on the site. My husband gave me the book for Christmas, so I was extremely excited when I came across this study!


What are you reading this month? What do you think I should read next month?



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