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Bedroom Makeover

When I found out I was pregnant 11 years ago, I was so excited! I had an idea for a nursery for the longest time. I could see the pinks and purples and all the little girly things in my mind. So as soon as I found out I was definitely having a girl I went straight to Lowe’s to pick out my paint!

I painted the top half of the wall pink and the bottom half purple. In the center of the wall around the entire room I placed a dark purple wallpaper border with butterflies and flowers on it. I added huge butterfly and flower stickers all over the walls. Over her crib was her name in white wooden letters. I was so pleased with my work. I wish I had a picture but of course they are all stored away in boxes. (Those were the days of actually having to send your film off to get it developed and then you had to wait a month before you got to see if your pictures even turned out okay. Oh the good ol’ days!)

At about age three my sweet adorable daughter turned into a tiny monster. She threw a tantrum and ripped the border off the wall leaving a brown paper mess. Then at some point when her best friend was over they assumed that paper – along with parts of the wall – was for drawing on.

Now she is 11 years old and I thought she might like to have a more “grown-up” room. (I waited well past tantrum stage because I did not want to have to paint any more!) This little project took way longer than expected, but I’m very happy with how it all turned out! She loves it, too. She says it looks like a beach house room with all the beach colors.

What is your latest project? Or what is on your project to-do list?

~Have a blessed day!~

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